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Are you professionals in the automotive industry in any of its business? Then you must realize that your car may not be an electric vehicle that requires superior battery. Whether you drive on petrol, diesel, alcohol or other fuel quality starter battery is the foundation of every road or racing stage. In LTW we have hundreds of special applications, high performance batteries into various vehicles. In LTW we offer expert advice and assistance with the application starter and traction batteries for any vehicle! Forget all sorts of pseudo-variations on the theme of "special" gel battery. LTW solutions based on lithium batteries own policies and structures are world technology leaders, which increases your success. Specially developed LTW batteries are hand in hand with the development set automobile manufacturers worldwide, though they themselves are using out-dated batteries on the principle of reinforced lead-acid batteries. What to awake your curiosity and try your first LTW piece? We are sure that it will not be the last.

  • Start-Stop LTW battery: Specially designed batteries by LTW will survive not only its own security, but also starters and often the engines of vehicles to which they are applied. Also, you don’t like to put their parole in technology that already next winter will not work as at the time of sale? It’s the end of uncertainty and conflicting emotions of winter starts.
  • Batteries for distribution cars, incl. vans and trucks. Not everyone can afford to leave your car on the street kick-started saving systems starting their cars. Eliminate increased fuel consumption and the risk of theft due to the certainty provided by a permanently running your distribution motor vehicles. How? LTW battery mode allows frequent starts at very short distances even without a reduced service life and need periodic replacement, starter batteries.
  • Sports and racing cars are our specialty. LTW solutions based on lithium batteries, optionally combined with super-starter batteries represent fractional weight compared to conventional gel batteries for racing purposes. We offer batteries of various shapes, asymmetric split and concepts for any racing car. Unloading the vehicle and the concentration of gravity as low as possible has its pitfalls. Strain the battery is from this perspective absolute basis, do you agree? Whether you start a circuit monopost, tuning gem or buggy from LTW always gets the battery tailored to your car.
  • If your vehicle is not equipped with starter battery at all, we offer special starter batteries for trucks. Extremely high and consistent performance throughout the battery capacity ensures that there is no need to start the truck to be sure to charge between each start, phases or days of races.
  • Is your vehicle forklift truck, manipulator, tractor, or even a golf cart? Or do you just love your vehicle and want to give him something extra? We'll be happy to share those needs and offer uncompromising LTW-CARS solutions according to your requirements.
  • We are fans of electro-mobility. We are behind the installation of traction batteries for electric vehicles to tens of whether factory-made (direct replacement), or extensions to their own designs and concepts. Do you need traction batteries for your project? Consult with us inbuilt options, weight restrictions required range. We will gladly provide professional advices and years of experience with the installation of lithium battery packs and their design, recharging solution, quick-charging, monitoring and protection.