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The advent of lithium batteries receive video surveillance systems entirely new dimension. The surveillance of critical systems in the past can be implemented only where there is a stable power base in the form of easily accessible and reliable public power grid. Batteries are applied only to cover shortfalls in order to achieve 100% reliability and certainty that the object, area or object will always be supervised. LTW batteries are this view of the industry fundamentally changing. Do you have an idea how these unimagined use?

Camera systems on the platform of LTW batteries can operate largely autonomously to one hundred percent. Using renewable energy sources can be guaranteed one hundred percent availability of video surveillance and where in the past had to be deployed expensive systems built special cell power generators with a huge expensive batteries. If considered monitored subject, object, area or contract costs, supervision must be perfect. It goes through LTW batteries reach incomparably lower costs for both the device itself and the realization of its installation and subsequent maintenance and thus jointly increase the effectiveness of your company's profits.

Offer your clients solutions based on the combined power from renewable sources. Battery at efficiency close to 100% enables surveillance system in places where it was previously necessary to introduce the energy distribution network. Where competition is still trips over cables, you no longer self-supporting mast mount, integrating all elements of the monitoring system in a compact and reliable unit.

  • Technicians can backup batteries or 100% powered system just check, not change and maintain. LTW batteries have the potential to operate for decades and live the life of CCTV itself. It is highly likely that the battery LTW-UPS use the new camera system, even after the original system served out, or was any reason uninstalled.
  • If it is not possible to use renewable resources to power, such as inside buildings, LTW battery offers superior efficiency and virtually unlimited life. This will make your deployed system much cheaper, and primarily, substantially more powerful than the system of your competitors.
  • The extreme density of energy in the battery LTW enables the installation of ultra compact systems where you had to minimize consumption compromises on image quality or intensity of the shooting.
  • Installation contracts of CCTV systems to the inaccessible locations with the commitment of maintenance will be no longer uninteresting. Thanks LTW batteries, your system will be as reliable as the camera system itself. Is it still confined to limiting the project questionable durability, high mass and rapid aging conventional batteries when you've got a client for such an important project, right?

The cooperation with us brings a new competitive advantage, added value and thus more new customers. Installing systems even where there has not been physically possible or commercially viable. In the common realization we can expand the horizons of your options, we would like to transform your extreme requirements in reality, don’t you want to try it?