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Company code of ethics

  1. Our first goal is a satisfied customer.
  2. The composition - the quality and range of services.
  3. The goal can be reach only with partner work in a team.
  4. In the company there are not more important and less important jobs! In the Team, each of us trying to do the most professional work.
  5. To work in an atmosphere in which we feel comfortable. Therefore, we act openly, honestly and respectfully.
  6. We treat to colleagues as we would like them to treat us.
  7. Meeting of the promises we consider it a matter of personal honor.
  8. Throughout the period it is necessary to the set goals and strive to achieve them, including implementation!
  9. To work in a good company.
  10. We know that to maintain the good name company´s name must try every one of us.
  11. A good name is obtained with difficulty, but lost very easily!