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Energy Storage

Lithium batteries have given a new dimension to energy storage. Thousands till tens of thousands of full charge and discharge cycles allow for many years of operation with a daily battery cycling. In LTW we know the pitfalls of demanding applications. Therefore we offer own top solutions for balancing and protection of expensive battery packs and we are ready to share this experience with you. Are you interested in participating in these new and highly potential sectors? Consult with us your individual needs, whether it is a battery for the motor caravan, house or hotel. LTW battery banks on a platform of lithium batteries of different chemical composition from global manufacturers are suitable for multiple applications and a variety of individual needs. How can we help you? We offer high-capacity battery packs to ensure the island and hybrid plants, as well as a powerful battery packs for coverage of high peak demand without the need to increase advances to stronger domestic circuit breaker. We know the most common needs of our clients and provide solutions precisely tailored.

  • LTW batteries on the platform Li-ion, LiFePO4, LiFeUP4 and also LTO meet all potential demands. We will help you with the design of a battery bank in your system, or supply already assembled pack including surveillance and monitoring systems.
  • We have a good grasp in issues about the compatibility of lithium batteries with inverters, controllers, BMS systems, chargers and other components needed for island and hybrid plants. Not sure if you can disturb a system that you designed longer than the statutory warranty period? Consult with us your requirements and receive a proposed solution to suit your needs.
  • We offer an unbeatable range of services, remote monitoring, management and optimization according to adjusted operating models. Installing a system for our contract ends. We'll make sure you and also ourselves that investing in energy storage and its individual components will be effective and thus significantly shorten the return on investment.
  • Are you professionals who know exactly what they want? Or simply just do not care about your own selection of components and their settings? During the consultation, we will define your individual needs and according to them the contract approach. Our best references are satisfied customers and successfully functioning systems.
  • We don’t end with solar panels. We know the pitfalls of installation of horizontal and vertical wind generators and can offer solutions tailored to your location. Do you have your own ideas about how the possibilities of renewable energy sources combined? We can help you optimize your own system and increase its efficiency.
  • We specialize in the electrification of remote areas and incl. locations where it is not possible to install solar or wind power, for example because of the location of the protected area. Do you have clients in those locations? Give them finally something different than your competitors can offer.
  • Do you want to expand, adjust, modify or repair your existing system? He will be honoured to reflect our experience to already existing installations to optimize their efficiency and return.

We are aware of all the pitfalls that each installation of energy storage carries. We are confident about the quality of our services and therefore selectively offer its range of services and system lifetime warranty on the battery pack and other selected components. Do you want to be sure that the investment will not wasted you or your client before it manage to amortize? LTW- battery storage is a certainty for you to achieve this. We ourselves, as well as our network of partners are ready for any individual requirements and on the basis of love create its price and technical offers. Do you know LTW partner in your area?