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The backup equipment and devices with uninterrupted or uninterruptable service became over the time stable and strong market for many companies. Not only backup computers and servers, as well as hospital equipment, transport terminals, equipment media stations, or even entire residential complexes in areas with unreliable access to the public power network is very prospective environment for supply uninterruptible power supply - UPS. Do you have also a customer that requires extremely high technology solutions?

In LTW, we believe that this attractive market in recent decades lags behind the development of other sectors. Increasingly advanced methods for monitoring and control of consumption overran the development of the crucial components the whole heart of UPS systems - the battery itself. Do you agree with us that it is necessary to change this situation?

Battery technologies in recent years have reached boom, which should be applied as widely as possible and in the industry of backup resources. Modern lithium batteries have the potential of longer lifetime than UPS itself and therefore we ask you: Don’t you want to take advantage with us and apply these advantages and turn them into profits from which will benefit you and your clients?

  • A much longer battery life can turn into a competitive advantage. Technicians batteries can only control, not change! LTW batteries have the potential to operate for decades and a lifetime to survive themselves UPS sources. It is highly probable that you will use the battery LTW-UPS in the new UPS even after the original UPS already worn out!
  • Basically, the higher operating time of the battery = ability to deploy smaller and cheaper UPS resource itself where others are deploying expensive solutions.
  • Constant performance throughout the battery operation - use the declared full battery capacity even under full load UPS.
  • Constant performance throughout the lifetime - minimal effects of aging battery = no need to worry about the unreliability of the batteries, the UPS will check only formal revenue generating, not a necessity.
  • Minimum heat loss completely eliminates the need for ventilation racks with UPS. The compact dimensions also enable to achieve much higher energy density backup. Can you imagine a single LTW rack-case, instead of three or four classic wardrobe? This is the worst possible scenario, but not an impossible dream.
  • Lightweight battery eliminates pointless shipping and handling batteries in less accessible locations.

LTW offers several levels of uninterruptible power solutions.

For small systems is the ability to directly replace the existing battery. Replace heavy lead-acid battery modern solution without replacing the existing UPS. Where competitors realizes profit margin for the vilest of the new UPS, you can deliver refurbished service with much higher profit, which guarantees you a greater economy of your company.

For new and larger systems we offer LTW-UPS fully modular and configurable devices, guaranteeing a long life battery. LTW means LifeTime Warranty. Lifetime warranty on the battery UPS system itself.