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Marine applications for salt and fresh water bodies are one of the toughest battery applications worldwide. Not only equipment of the ship itself, but the battery must be specially designed and constructed to withstand long periods reliable and consistent results. Whether for traction batteries, board, operating or starting their applications on boats is always a challenge. In LTW we apply many years of experience deploying batteries and are aware of the difficulties with which the professionals in the industry must contend. Whether it's a river craft, purely business nature, or a luxury vessel, always bear in mind 100% reliability. Remain without power in the open water area may turn into a great risk, at least the material. On land you for jumper cables and a spare energy source always somehow get. On the water collapse with the collapse of the battery becomes life-threatening issues. Do you agree with us that this is unacceptable nowadays?

  • Special solutions for systems where the battery is used for the starting engines and airborne equipment to operate at anchor or static operation. Guarantee a vessel operability of our clients applications of renewable energy systems on the LTW platform
  • Low weight and compact dimensions allow LTW batteries to install higher capacity battery than ever before. LTW solutions allow for high energy-consuming operation in any weather condition and mode of operation.
  • Didn’t come the time to extend the experience of your clients on cruises? We can cope with extreme requirements for battery operation, as well as the need for maximum peak and continuous power.
  • Low or non-existent maintenance period is the main selling LTW-YACHT systems. Let circulate positive references from port to port. Even if you get your client is likely to be anchored again after a long time, it is certain that positive references to your marina attract new customers. Don’t you think it's time to try the oldest form of advertising?
  • Minimal to zero maintenance requirements and control of LTW battery systems allow you to grow and maintain a clientele of owners of all types of vessels, including submarines. LTW-YACHT systems have enormous potential to inspire their parameters, even the most demanding clients. Do you also think they should be pampered clienteles rather than restrict her senseless and nowadays unfounded limits?
  • We pass on gladly our experience with the construction and operation of pure electric vessels. Work with us to build pure electric ships, or to convert existing electrical vessels.
  • We are not afraid of any challenge. Our customers operate electric submarines, supply battery systems in pursuing professional divers. Extremely demanding applications, battery systems are our domain, let your company extend these solutions?

LTW batteries are beacons of certainty in the waters into which are venturing only seasoned professionals!