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In the last years lithium battery industry gave many new direction. Unprecedented possibilities in the density of stored energy shift not only the automotive industry as the most advanced industries on the planet, but also more traction and static systems. In the LTW we are trying to capture all the sectors where they can not only batteries themselves but also whole systems on these batteries based push technology options in these sectors. We create and help generating systems and products that do not compete. Wherever it is a question of lightweight, small size, high energy density and high number of cycles a LTW-battery aims to push the limits a little further. You agree that the Czech Republic is able to think of what the rest of the world cannot be bothered to produce and deploy it, what others only think? Come join us! We work with the leaders in their fields and only employ engineers who have a passion for their work. Our priority is to help implement and execute projects that seem to others on the complex development and subsequent production and promotion. Our goal is to participate in technological development, and not just only generate profit on ordinary commercial intentions. Did it happen to you that you have with your project entrusted alleged specialist, and that your request left unanswered? To our projects we stay forehead and try to pave the road, but after bypassing commercially interesting shortcuts. Where others shake their heads, we already have experience to spare. Whether you need an attractive cost supplier of lithium batteries, or in consultation with its technologically interesting business intent, LTW-battery is a company that moves you further and provide a dream ahead of the competition.

  1. Brands like LTW-UPS, LTW-CCTV, LTW-AVIATION, LTW-CARS, LTW-YACHTS and LTW-ENERGY STORAGE excel in extraordinary technological solutions, about which others are afraid. Under each brand, we develop our own projects, and helping others tightened to perfection theirs. Do you feel that your design or business plan might have changed the industry? Great, we have a common goal! Let's implement it!
  2. We are constantly testing new products with the potential for integration into their own systems, as well as our partners. By concluding trade and its implementation for our contract it doesn’t end. New solutions are tested together with our partners. She happened to you that you spoke to the supplier with a proposal to an existing already delivered and paid for the purpose of creating new, technologically advanced and cost-interesting version? If we can, we try to help. To realize a profit is a beautiful thing, changing industry, however, it is something else entirely. Our goal is to keep our partners at the tip, because only that can be used to their full business potential and achieve together the results of which would be for both parties individually have dreamed.
  3. In the same spirit, we work with our network of dealers. Our know-how, we do not keep to ourselves. Only in this way, our customers always at hand specialist, able to take care of individual needs maintenance or improvement of systems already delivered. It is not difficult to get clients, but also to maintain it. Just as we believe provide fresher and more high-end solutions, so we are also confident that this solution can keep running as long as possible and technologically meaningful. The proof is a lifetime warranty on the majority of our products for more than 20 years of stable cooperation with more than a dozen partners and last but not least, the enthusiasm with which our partners and we will pave the way in which the only true desert pioneers. Join our LTW-team as a customer or as a partner. It is the foundation to jump on the bandwagon, and not wait until it slows down at your stop. LTW-battery, the team, who instead of finding solutions to problems is spewing them.