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30.11.2017 - Efficient heating from battery

Efficient heating from battery

LTW core business is sales of battery systems direcly replacing original lead-acid battery in backup systems. Energy storage systems sold under RUG trademark are able to supply up to 10 kW of power, which is sufficient for most of household or ship electric appliances. As a new supplement of RUG 48V systems LTW is now offering 48V DC electric heating system. This is installed under plaster of the house wall, heating the heat-capacity of the building itself.

If the surplus of electric energy will occure, it is very advantageous to store this energy anywhere, where it would be necessary to store it later when the surplus is no longer available, instead of letting MPPT to automatically disconnect. For example in afternoon hours if the battery is already full and PV modules would be unused, it is advantageous to use the energy to heat the building itself. At the evening when the heating would be switched on anyway, the consumption of energy will not be so significant, because surplus energy was used before. 
The same principle can be used at the boat too, especially if it is serving as a living space out of season. Pre-heating is possible not just from boat's PV system, but also from Marina power source.